Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Bye My Little Babushka

"Good Bye My Little Babushka", were my husbands words to me as I headed out on my walk this afternoon with a scarf tied around my head. I simply do this to keep the wind out of my ears even during the summertime. I turned to him & said "If I find any Czars on my walk I will let you know."

My chance of running into a Czar on my walk was much greater than running into a Snipe. When I was a child my parents would send us out snipe hunting with a brown paper bag & would say, "Don't come back until you find a Snipe." I guess they needed some alone time....

While walking, I had a flash back of sitting on Gramp's lap in the evenings while he listened to Chet Huntley & David Brinkley. When watching Meet The Press, he would explain how important keeping up with the news & current events would be to my future. To be honest, I liked to watch Felix The Cat more than Huntley & Brinkley. But I will always remember Gramp's wisdom. Sometimes the news was upsetting to him & he would explain why. I loved sitting on his lap & listening to him share why he loved our great country.

What would Gramps think about our country feeling like they needed Czars? Now that I am a grandmother, will I be able to share with my grandson what our country was like before it had Czars, or will I be silenced?


  1. Lucy,

    I think you will find that the time of the Czars has almost passed, again. And we'll be back to being people seeking to connect with each other.

    I enjoyed your post, and will be back another time. Thank you for leaving a comment, so I could follow you back to YOUR wisdom.

    Gayle McCain (website coming soon)

  2. Thoughtful post. Too many Tsars and not enough leaders (real leaders). I somewhat older than you, I remember sitting on my grandfather's lap listening to the Grand Ole Opry on saturday night on an old batter powered radio with large tubes in the days before we had electricy on the farm. Days long gone, but what great memories. Found you via twitter. Visit me sometimes at Totus.