Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fart Tax

My childhood memories have now been shattered. As stinky as it is to admit, nothing in my life, especially my childhood caused me to laugh more than farts. Think back, I bet if you were honest with yourself, your childhood memories were filled with laughter about farts, or laughter that made you fart. Take a moment & savor those memories.........
O.K. that moment is now over. Now our grand & glorious Uncle Sam, the stinkiest Uncle any of us ever had, no matter how flatulent our other Uncle's may have been, has really screwed up our memories. The poor bovine farmers! I imagine there are some boxes of manure that will be used to pay 2009 taxes. So, I say to you dear dear Uncle Sam, as one of all of our favorite Monty Python expressions, "I will fart in your general direction."


  1. Can you IMAGINE what Congress of, say 75 years ago, would THINK of today's legislation? Mind boggling. Who could have anticipated such lunacy and evil? Poor farmers.

    What a cute photo for your post!

  2. Great Monty expression - so true, so true. LOL!!!!!