Friday, May 1, 2009

PaPa's Big Black Doctors Bag

Solution to Health Care in our Nation......Our Commander In Chief wants people that wave their little tea bags to present him with dialog on how to fix the health care situation.

I am a product of a family that communicated their love for the United States to me continually while they were raising me. All four grandparents had parents or great grandparents that chose to immigrate to the USA. All had solid patriotic family stories.

PaPa was an orthopaedic surgeon. He worked his way through med school. He treated patients regardless of their ability to pay. Sometimes they would pay him with a sack of potatoes grown in their garden. He was on call for himself 24 hours a day & made house calls. His patients truly appreciated him. He was humble & grateful to be in service for God & the citizens of our country. Almost every family dinner was interrupted with an emergency phone call. PaPa ate as quickly as possible, gave us a kiss & headed out the door with his Big Black Doctors Bag saying he'd be back in a few hours.

About the time PaPa retired, health care changed. Today's malpractice law suits are massive. It is good that doctors document their complete diagnosis & treatment on every patient. Many law suits are stopped dead in their tracks when the patients see the actual records presented. I don't know why it is more logical or efficient to have Federal Health Care programs.

My solution, or my dream: let the good doctors of the USA be the wonderful example my PaPa was. Get the federal bureaucracy out of medical care so our doctors can fulfill their Hippocratic oath.